Summer 2019 | Camotes Island

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Justmom Travels 2019 I Camotes Island - Tulang Diot Island

How to go to Camotes Island from Cebu?

Speaking of summer vacation, everyone is excited! This summer my family and I went to Camotes Island, one of the budget-friendly destinations in the Philippines from Cebu mainland. Since we're located in Lapu-Lapu City, going to Danao Port was not that far to travel it only took us less than 2 hours including the normal traffic along the way to reach the port. We hit the road from home going to Danao Port around 10:00 am and arrived around 11:30 am. Just in time for the Jomalia Roro Express to depart around 12:00 nn. Below is the shipping schedule Danao - Camotes Island Route. The ship will dock at Consuelo Wharf in Brgy. Consuelo.

Shipping Schedule

Passenger Rates

Camotes Island Attractions

For 3 days and 2 nights stay at Camotes Island, the tourist attractions we've visited were the Tulang Diot Island, Lake Danao Park, Timubo Cave, and Santiago White Beach.





Where to stay?

Since it's peak season to travel, most beach resort were fully booked. You can find best deal for  hotel accommodation in Agoda. In our experience, Agoda offered us hotel rates at reasonable price since we're a family of six. My hubby and I preferred the hotels or resorts listed in Agoda because the quality of service and security of the hotel are already filtered before they're listed. Security next to convenience are our top priorities in searching for accommodation as parents travelling with four children.

Travel Tips:

  • Bring printed map because wifi signal is scarce everywhere. Globe signal is weak or no signal at all especially in Brgy. Esperanza while Smart signal is good around the island.

  • Bring flashlight because it's very useful when you go inside of any one of the caves around the island. Brown out is real in the island. We experienced brown outs during our stay at the island. Mostly happened early in the morning.

  • Be sure to have list of the restaurants or "karenderia" aside from the beach resort restaurant because we're having hard time where to dine especially when you're in the road going to a specific tourist spot.

  • For souvenir items, small shop can be found at the tourist spot. We found one in Timubo Cave in Brgy. Sonog, 2 or more shops at Santiago White Beach, and one in Poblacion of San Francisco. At Consuelo Wharf, I didn't find one only the Cassava Cookie Nuts Camotes Island