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Forum Cafe, a Budget-Friendly Cafe!

9:13:00 AM Meschel 0 Comments

If you want to write or work on something, a Cafe or Coffee Shop is a good place to settle down. While waiting our son, I spotted this tiny place named Forum Cafe few steps across the Southwestern University in Cebu City. It's around 9:30 am and this cafe opens around that time. I'm using Google Map to find other cafes nearby and this is open earlier compared to the others. The lady staff greeted me and took my order. Since I didn't eat breakfast yet because we left home early to catch the scheduled time of my son's Entrance Exam, my eyes laid on the Breakfast Menu on the wall. But she said politely, we don't have yet cooked rice mam. So I asked her quickly, how about a cup of black coffee while waiting for that? I am the first customer to get inside so I can choose where to sit down. The corner was a good spot since it has a power supply outlet and near to the air ventilation system. The coffee was hot enough to awaken your senses. 

An hour later, they served my breakfast order a rice platter of corned beef with fried egg. While chewing, I noticed that t
he Interior Design is eco friendly. They're using wood tables and fixtures and metal for the chairs instead of plastic. The food & drinks are served using ceramic plates, and mugs and glass jars.  The cafe is a good spot if you're waiting of someone coming out of that school. You can quickly see the people who passed by. And the size is just enough to accommodate less than 10 people without disturbing each other. The food is fairly priced for average diners with a minimum of 55 pesos to feed you and hot drinks start at 50 pesos. Surely, you'll leave the place without draining your pocket in exchange of a place to sit down while you wait for hours.