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Coaching our Kids on Sumobot Competitions.

5:11:00 AM Meschel 0 Comments

When your son or daughter joins a competition, how do you feel as parents? This question suddenly popped out at the back of my mind. Ugh, well. Me as a mom, I felt nervous with mixed feeling of excitement and fatique. Same feelings with my hubby Terence as their Papa on one of our conversations. Just imagine, a month ago we went to Manila for the Philippine Robotics Olympiad 2019 then another Robotics Competition by DepEd LapuLapu Division in preparation of the incoming WRG 2020 (World Robot Games) last October 19 and Philippine Science Entrance Exam faithfully coincided with that schedule.

Sumobot constructions, programming the Arduino, 3D printing, testing and debugging of two sumobots consumed our time and other resources. Guiding and teaching our kids as part of our parenting roles on what to dos and donts really took the big part of the pie but well paid off after they won the sumobot competitions. Our eldest Tara won the 1st Place of 3 Kg Sumobot Open Microcontroller Category while her brother Mike Terence got the 1st Place for the 1kg Sumobot in Division Level Science and Technology Fair Sumobot Competition 2019.

Our kids learnt many things on this competition not just about winning but the path of attaining of something you want to achieve in any aspects of life surely requires hardwork, patience, kindness, self-discipline,  and acceptance. A bit part of the STEM Education is controlling the DC Motors from theory to actual really amused them. They now can relate how the real cars on the road run and change directions. For more details you can visit their personal blogs TARA MIKAYLA and MIKE TERENCE

Since Learning is a continuous process, they will represent the Lapu-Lapu City Division to compete the Regional Level Science & Technology Fair Sumobot Competition 2019 this coming November 13. What they got was a memoir before the Sembreak is about to start. Another month to break a leg kiddos. Best of Luck!

To end, Congratulations Mga Anak! Just keep in mind, to make a big difference always start with the small things being done with a big heart.💞 God Bless🙏

Mike Terence with Marigondon ES Coaches
Mrs. Bella Cabras & Mrs. Carmensita Cid
and Mr. Donald Dungog, Philippine Robotics Team Coach

Tara Mikayla with Marigondon NHS Coach Ms. Mary Grace Agnes.

Division Level Lapu-Lapu City Line Tracing & Sumobot Winners 2019

1st Place Winners of Line Tracing and Sumobot Competition
Division Level Science and Technology Fair 2019