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Wheat Bread? Try Maison ICHIPAN.

6:55:00 AM Meschel 2 Comments

Wheat Bread - Maison ICHIPAN.

It's Friday morning and most likely I'm running out of snacks for kids at school. So after sending them to school we went directly to the nearest grocery store opened in our area, Shangs Town Center. While walking around the shelves that soft colored green plastic in the bread section caught my attention. Oh, that's new bread in town I guess! I examined it and there I found out that's a WHOLE WHEAT BREAD from local bakeshop in Cebu City. It's healthy and affordable. For a small pack of Php 50, you can have that healthy bread inside your shopping cart.  After school, kids said that bread is soft and tasty. They love it! I'm so glad that they really like the taste and texture of Maison Ichipan Whole Wheat Bread because most whole wheat bread I bought they don't approve and being sent back to sender to me. But this one, it's not wasted and being loved by them and so do I.


  1. Is it really healthy? I'm just wondering since it has other ingredients that are hard to pronounce. Don't get me wrong I love that bread.. I just need to research more about it

  2. It states Filipino taste, I hope not. Filipino bread is too sweet.