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Anniversary Dining at Opon Republik.🎔

8:21:00 PM Meschel 0 Comments

Yes, it's Fiesta at Lapu-Lapu City in honor of Birhen sa Regla. Happy Fiesta to all Oponganons!

This time, we're having dinner at Opon Republik restaurant. We found it less crowded compared to our last visit maybe because of the fiesta celebration. We ordered our favorite meal main course, Crispy Pata and Pochero. One order of each is good enough for us six persons though the staff mentioned it's good for 2-3 persons. Two platters of rice, french fries as appetizer, and chicken carbonara populated our table. The mango smoothies for our favorite 4, strawberry smoothie for my hubby, and matcha smoothie for me of course. The taste, so far so good. Yummy!

Aside from public occasion, it's our love-affair anniversary also! It's been more than a or almost two decades ago, I remembered and delighted of celebrating it with love letter, flowers, and simple gifts than casual dining! To keep relationships long term, always pay attention not to restrict one's happiness. Be open to new experiences! ❤