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Tarpaulin Design - Birthday Tarp

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Birthday Tarpaulin Design - Size "2 ft. x 3 ft"
All year round, we are tied by any life events like baptismal/christening, birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding, family reunion, etc. To highlight the occasion, tarpaulin is hang on the spot where everybody can see and might serve as backdrop of the event's centerpiece. For 5 years and up, I have been doing tarpaulin layout for any occasions. This time, I made Birthday Tarpaulin for my two kids who were birthday celebrants of the month. The above birthday tarpaulin design was laid out using Photoshop (Adobe Photoshop CS). The tarpaulin size is 2 feet x 3 feet (height,width). In designing tarpaulin, here are few useful tips I wanna share. First, always use a canvass size that match to the actual size of the tarpaulin. Since I want to have a 2x3 ft tarpaulin size so I made sure that the canvass size matched to the actual size of tarpaulin. Using Photoshop, just convert the unit reference from feet to inches. So in this case, I have 48 inches for width and 36 inches for height. That's the exact canvass size that I had to input. Second, set the Resolution to 72 pixel/inch. This is the ideal resolution that human eyes can sharply see at a distant.
Third, upon importing images like photos you want to incorporate to your canvass make sure you use the raw images (of high resolution) then resample the images to match the current resolution. Fourth, when resizing images please hit the Shift Key when using the Scale Tool under Edit button. Why? So that when you down size the image, the proportion is keep intact and balance. If not, it results to not proportioned image  and ugly to look at. Note, never up size or scale up the image greater than the actual size.If so, you're making image to blur and appear to have a poor image quality.

Fifth, after everything looks great according to your layout preference be sure to Proof Colors your layout under View ->Proof Setup ->Working CMYK. In digital display like on screen, photos are displayed in RGB colors (Red Green Blue) while in photo printing / tarpaulin printing it uses the CMYK colors (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black). It makes your design looks like on screen once printed it terms of color level. 

Lastly, save the tarpaulin design as jpeg image or pdf file. 
For tarpaulin printing, look for newly opened Tarpaulin Printing Shop around your place. Why? Because most of the newly opened shop have new tarpaulin printer and prints your image designs of high quality. If not, look for well established tarpaulin printing shop because their printers are maintained at regular intervals. I found one tarpaulin printing shop inside Gaisano Grand Mall that prints tarpaulin of high quality image for only P20 per square feet. Take note, just make a high quality tarpaulin design using Adobe Photoshop or other image editing tools to have a high quality printed tarpaulin. For making layout of other tarpaulin designs like christening tarpaulin / baptismal tarpaulin, graduation tarpaulin design, etc. , I am glad to help you with your tarpaulin design needs. Just contact me for the appropriate quotation. Thanks! 

Sample Tarpaulin Designs that I made.

Avengers / Frozen
Hello Kitty
Disney Ariel
Superman Returns
Tinker Bell

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1 comment:

  1. pila inyo pangau magpahimo ug tarpuline sa wedding anniversary with background?