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Bad hair day, go for Rebond!

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An early stage of motherhood, you have still enough time to take care of your precious crown in your head and that's your hair. You can blow dry them on to low heat setting after the shower and put some leave on conditioner or moisturizing oil  by massaging from roots to tips of the hair. Pamper hair with hair mask and oil treatment in regular basis at home or salon. Brush them regularly to make your hair shine naturally. And of course, eat right and exercise regularly to have that healthy and long/short shiny hair everyday. Somewhere in the middle of that stage, mom might overlook that personal care to one's hair due to everyday's busyness working around home with household chores, preparing & sending kids to school, and of course your work for living whatever that kind of job that you're sticking with right now. Then when you have the chance to peek yourself at the mirror at the end of the day, oh my gosh what a bad hair day! Looks like dry, kinky and without life. Our time for taking care of our hair is somehow delegate to other task that need most of our attention so to compensate that time go for Hair Rebond so you can somewhat save time for taking care of your hair especially on morning rush. I'm not a big fan of Hair Rebonding because like all other task we want to do there's always pros and cons. Based on my experiences on Hair Rebonding because this was my 5th time that I underwent this process, I always go for a cut on my hair at the nape level after I've noticed that my hair was having split ends then let my virgin hair grows again to the level that I am comfortable to have another Hair Rebonding session. So it's a smart move if you know both and you'll find ways on how to counteract the negative effects to having positive results, right? One healthy hair tip is never color your hair after rebonding allow 6 months or more for your hair to recover before you let hair stylist to apply other strong hair products like hair color and the like. Nowadays, you don't need to worry that much because Google is always there for you to help. Just Google it Mama! =)
What is Hair Rebonding? 
Hair Rebonding is a beauty enhancing procedure that makes natural curly or straight hair to sleek look straight hair. This process involves only 3 chemicals (namely : 1. Cream Softener or Relaxant 2. Neutralizer 3. Hair Serum) to alter the natural characteristics of the hair by changing the protein bond between them then re-arranging the bond to desired bonding and texture.

Cream Softener or Relaxant is the first chemical agent that breaks down the natural bond of the hair to be applied and allowed to sit for a while. ( Note: Down below are the hair rebonding products that I preferred and tested to use but you can use whatever your heart desires just always keep yourself warned on whatever pros and cons after using the product...read more more reviews and take advice from hair experts too before diving that decision.)

Loreal X-Tenso Smoothing Cream for Natural Hair - front
Loreal X-Tenso Smoothing Cream - front
Loreal X-Tenso Smoothing Cream for Natural Hair - back
Loreal X-Tenso Smoothing Cream - back
Neutralizer is the second chemical hair product that re-bonds the structure to the desired bonding and texture giving hair the fresh straight bonds.
Loreal X-Tenso Neutralising Cream - front
Loreal X-Tenso Naturalising Cream - front
Loreal X-Tenso Neutralising Cream - back
Loreal X-Tenso Naturalising Cream - back
Hair Serum is the last hair product to be applied giving hair the needed deep nourishment after the procedure and should be applied every 2-3 months onwards aside from daily hair conditioning and oil serum to be applied to maintain the hair's luster and sleek look manageable effect.

Alfaparf Milano SemiDilino Diamond
Illuminating Essential Oil - front
Alfaparf Milano SemiDilino Diamond
Illuminating Essential Oil - back
Hair Essential Oil for daily use. I prefer to use essential oil treatment with Biotin & Collagen to counter fight hair falling & thinning. Then I found one affordable organic product in SM Department store which has had all that my hair needs.
OGX Oil Treatment - front
OGX Oil Treatment - back

Procedure on Hair Rebonding. 
Here I jotted down the actual steps on how to have that successful hair rebonding business onto your hair.
1. First, wash and shampoo the hair. Don't apply conditioner at this stage.
2. Blow dry hair to medium setting.
3. Part and divide hair into different sections depending on the thickness and volumes of hair. Here comes the rebonding process.
4. Apply Cream Softener or Relaxant to each of the sections while keeping hair's position straight and covering every strand of hair. Settling time is dependent on hair types ranging from 30 minutes or more but not exceed the recommended time specified on the hair product.
5. Steam hair for more or less than 30 minutes depending on  the hair's texture and condition. After that, rinse and blow dry the hair. Then, flat iron the hair to smooth away any curls that are still there.
6. Again, part & divide hair then apply the Hair Neutralizer to stabilize the desired hair bonds done by the relaxant. Leave it onto hair for at least 30 minutes. Rinse off and blow dry. 
7. Apply the in deep Hair Serum to the newly rebonded hair. Then lastly, flat iron the hair.

Note:  You are then given an advise not to wash your hair for three days after and never tie, put anything like hair bands, and sleep your hair not to deform the new straight hair you've got.



How To Take Care of Rebonded Hair?
Simple and easy to take care, just use mild shampoo for rebonded hair and conditioner preferably organic and apply oil treatment or hair treatment for rebonded hair if possible twice a week.

Hair Rebonding Price is ranging from Php 2500 - 5000 pesos for hair length at shoulder level at local salons here in Cebu. 

Lazada Philippines

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