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2016 election,

Change Is Coming! Go out and Vote for 2016 Election.

5:06:00 AM Meschel 0 Comments

Instagram photo by Nate Viray, @hyber_nate 2016 Election
Three days more to go, Election 2016 is about to happen. Speaking about this coming National Election 2016 makes my skin hair to stand and feel likes I am shivering. Who will be the next President of the Philippines? This is the only election that my husband and I want to vote badly after almost 10 years of stay here in Cebu because we spotted a presidential candidate that can possibly lead our government to change. But we can't vote because we're not registered by the Comelec. Ugh! Few months back I think that was October 2015, the biometrics program of "No Bio No Boto" policy for voters' online registration conducted by the Comelec was visited by thousands of Filipinos who wish to be registered. But here in Lapu-Lapu City, the "No Bio No Boto" online registration was limited only to 200 - 500 people to be registered at a given day. Can you imagine how many people will be registered for a 1 week time period? The said registration did not cater all the residents who would like to be registered. We appeared the registration site twice and arrived even more earlier on our second day around 6 o'clock in the morning even though the Mall will open by 9 am but still we did not get the queue number they said that was given by the security guards. On our third attempt to register, we went to Comelec Office at Lapu-Lapu City Hall by the time they announced for special registration for those who are not yet registered during the registration period but sad to know we're not registered that day also because their office didn't accept registration of voters since according to them their office was not the venue for registration it's at Gaisano Grand Mall as their registration site. OMG! At their registration site, there were so many people who want to register but failed to do so because they can't cater them all due to limited man power that they positioned on that event. Did they forgot to foresee it or what ever the reason behind? I wonder where were the other Comelec personnel where in fact they're many inside at their office during ordinary working days? I think hundreds to thousands residents here in Lapu-Lapu City were not registered for the 2016 Elections. Many people that I've talked that day and the following day murmured that they were not registered because registration was limited to number of people. What a heck? Is that the kind of government we want to stay and govern our country? Even registration for voters can't solve the needs of the public. What a waste of time waiting and going to the registration site. So for those Filipinos who were registered, go out and vote wisely this coming May 9 for 2016 Election. Good Luck and God Bless Us All!

Here, I'm gonna share a kind of government that our country really needs for. 

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