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Morning Rush! Save by the Milk.

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Dr. Go with Bonita Kids *
Four Glasses of Warm Milk.

Nido 5+ School - Age Milk Powder

Since the day I become a mom, preparing milk for my babies now become kids is the newly added daily routine that I am almost not notice for almost 10 years and still counting...=)

Back to old days,  I've been preparing natural milk Breast Milk for two consecutive years. In fact, breast milk is the best milk for babies and no other milk can replace it in terms of everything like antibodies, nutrition, brain development, etc. So I never trade my breast milk to any other existing formula milk in the market for my babies. How I did to prepare my own milk? When I gave birth my eldest, I've been into a corporate world under RND (Research and Development) Department in one of the Electronic Manufacturing Service companies here in Cebu. Working more than 8 hours a day away from my newborn is not a good idea because I have to feed her every now and then so that time we bought an electric breast pump (Pigeon) to collect my breast milk during night time and in the following morning. I stored them on the freezer and then thawed by batch. About 2-4 ml of breast milk in one container (small milk bottle). You know what, I enjoyed watching the different colors of mini milk bottles inside the fridge. One thing, as far as I remembered I always bring that electric breast pump and mini cooler box with milk bottles and ice inside for me to collect my breast milk during work breaks and lunch time at HR room then store them at the office fridge during working hours. That's how I surpassed my way of collecting breast milk for two years . I said only two though I have four kids because I work from home since I gave birth to our 3rd and 4th child so I can breastfeed anytime. Hassle, not anymore! =)
Dr. Go with Bonita Kids **

Charina (Dr. Go's Secretary) with Bonita Kids

My children became toddlers (2-5 years old) so  I gave them the Nestle NAN HA formula milk for 5 years as prescribed by their pediatrician, Dr. Jose Laddy Go of Chung Hua Medical Arts . And now they're grown ups, I prepare the school-age milk NIDO also recommended by him. Now speaking about school, my kids class schedules  really freak me out every morning during school days. Just imagine my second child's schedule is 6:20 am followed by 7:30 am then, 2 kids around 8:00 am in two different schools (public and private). I really need a flash speed to come on time on those schedules. Wishful thinking! =) Mostly, we're late.=( No heartaches, life is like that a merry-go-round of late s and early s. =) It takes 5-10 minutes going to school from our home by riding a scooter to avoid traffic along the road. Looks like I've been doing a marathon everyday by going back and forth again and again to schools. During morning rush, giving milk full of vitamins & nutrients to them saves me a lot of time before they go to school. When I nourish my kids by glass of milk and oats, I am confident that I gave them what supposed to be eaten full on breakfast. For me to fuel up after those rush hours, I drink up skim milk. Why skim milk? It's the less fat milk compared to low fat milk. Take note that the fat content of skim milk is only 0.3% whereas low fat milk is around 1.5% so it's really good for healthy diet without sacrificing the milk taste compared to non/low fat milk. So grab a glass of milk now. Enjoy drinking! 

A cup of Arla skim milk.

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