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Spa Day - Massage at Thai Boran.

11:08:00 PM Meschel 9 Comments

Spa Day - Massage at Thai Boran. 
Ouch! I woke up this morning with my whole body feeling tired, it feels like I'd been to a warrior fight that I never been into before.
Emelie and I went to Thai Boran to have a day spa. A night out before she set off to Dubai for summer stay. As we arrived at Thai Boran Spa Salon, I asked the receptionest what's the most  requested spa packages or service they can offer to us and she said it's Thai Swedish Massage for an 1 hr. It's my first time to have a full body massage. At the back of my mind, this sudden question lingers what would it feels like to have a full body massage? While waiting our turn, we took photos at the reception area. The place is small that can only accomodate 4-5 people at the waiting lounge. After few shots taken, the staffs being assigned to us called us to take off our sandals and let them wash our feet at foot lavatory in one corner of the lounge. I asked the staff to take photos for us while we're at that phase of cleansing our feet. The warm water runs down to our feet and so relaxing to feel that somebody scrubbed our feet. After few minutes I think less than 5 minutes, we're done and get ready our selves to enter the fabric walled room.

As we got inside, it was gloomy and the only light that lit inside was the wall mounted yellow lighted torch. I really thought that there were two or three people inside but I was wrong. All the compartments were occupied except the two left unoccupied for us. The lobby area was also all occupied by customers of mixed races most likely Koreans. As we entered the room, the staff told to us to remove our outer clothing and let us use the service towel to cover ourselves. Without a doubt, we followed what they said and let us laid down on the bed for a while. Few minutes of relaxing, the massage began at the back of the body started at the lower limb going up then to the front. The scented smell of the massage oil covered up the room and so relaxing to smell the fragrance. While spa staff did the back massage, one thing I never forgot she rode my back I can feel her body weight being loaded to my back and I think that's part of the Thai Swedish Massage. Having massage at the moment, I immediately think how tedious is the task of the massage therapist. She really loosen all her strength to do the massage under medium pressure. Oh my gosh, for an hour she did that. Thank you so much Nikki & your friend who's in-charged to Emelie. How about hard pressure? Can you imagine? I 'll leave it to you to wonder or maybe try a massage under hard pressure.=) Maybe that's the normal pressure for men having a body massage. I think so. For budget free and longer relaxation time without  rushing off to home afterwards, go for a Spa Break! On a Spa Break you can stay a night or more and spend your days relaxing, having a treatment or two, and enjoying the facilities inside the spa hotel. That's the spa world! =)


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  1. Thank you for the positive write up Ma'am! God bless! Til next time! :)
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    1. Your welcome. =)

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