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Love of Milk Tea | A Little Tea

It's gonna milktea up my mind.
Radiate positive tea everyday
Me and my fam-teas🧋
always! -Justmom ðŸ’•



Gaisano GrandMall

Ground Floor, Basak Lapu-Lapu City Cebu

Mall Business Hours: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm

Christmas Staycation | Tambuli Seaside Living Resort and Spa


As we all know that weather for Christmas is somehow like rainy or cloudy to tropical countries like in the Philippines. So, staycation to nearby hotel beach resort is a good one than to cross another island. This year, the time chosen us to stay at Tambuli Seaside Resort and Spa on the eleventh hour we booked the available accommodations at Tower C.  We booked two condo units, one for my family and the other one for my brother-in-law's family. Since it's a peak season for vacation, accommodation rates usually cost times two of the regular rates, but we got best deals for ours almost the same with the regular rates. 

Anniversary Dining at Opon Republik.


Yes, it's Fiesta at Lapu-Lapu City in honor of Birhen sa Regla. Happy Fiesta to all Oponganons!

This time, we're having dinner at Opon Republik restaurant. We found it less crowded compared to our last visit maybe because of the fiesta celebration. We ordered our favorite meal main course, Crispy Pata and Pochero. One order of each is good enough for us six persons though the staff mentioned it's good for 2-3 persons. Two platters of rice and chicken carbonara populated our table. The mango smoothies for our favorite 4, strawberry smoothie for my hubby, and matcha smoothie for me of course.

Taste Hot-n-Cold at THE SPICE, Authentic Indian Restaurant.

Taste Hot-n-Cold at THE SPICE, Authentic Indian Restaurant.

At Cebu Yacht Club, you can indulge yourself with Indian delicacies. We've been there around 3 pm looking for lunch on Sunday. What we found were yummy-looking foods on the menu. The chicken tandoori, fish, and shrimp meals together with mango shakes and their signature flatbread served to our chosen spot at THE SPICE. We enjoyed, of course, eating these Indian foods and the kids were so amused by the colored foods. We won't forget the green sauce along with the redfish on that afternoon. For more details, you may check their menu. And the view, sunset and yachts of different sizes take your time to finish your meal and  urge you to stay a little bit longer.

THE SPICE, Authentic Indian Restaurant.

 | International/Indian Cuisine, Restaurant in Lapu-Lapu City
 | Cebu Yacht Club, F. Martir St, Lapu-Lapu City, 6015  Philippines
| Open now: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

Bound to EL NIDO, Palawan as Best Island in the World.


Nacpan Beach as "Twin Beach"  at EL NIDO, Palawan.

Summer vacay after Covid-19 lockdown is sensational and full of thrills. This year 2022, we are bound to Palawan, dubbed as the Best Island in the World. So excited, am I? Well, I really am. If u ask me how about your kids and hubby, are they? Then, explore this post and at the end you'll get the answers. Let's go guys, join our vacay!

A bit of Merienda at Laguna Garden Cafe.


A bit of Merienda at Laguna Garden Cafe.

Our weekend food trip at Laguna Garden Cafe. The Seafood Platter/Pagkaing Dagat, Calamares, and Pochero/ Beef Soup made us full and even delighted by the Merienda Suman, Mangga at Tsokolate. Leaving the restaurant full of smiles and burps of course. The food, drinks, and desserts were so delicious. We love to go back then!

Dining at Kadlawon Resto Bar, Kota Beach Resort.


 Kadlawon Resto Bar at Kota Beach Resort.

Our dining experience at Kadlawon Resto Bar, Kota Beach Resort in Santa Fe, Bantayan Island Cebu. We tried their Crispy Pata, Steamed Alimango, Squid Adobo, and Bam-i for our main meals and fresh Buko water for beverages. The foods were great, delicious, and neatly served to our table. The waiting time was about 15-20 minutes and just enough time for the kids not to be bored of waiting. While waiting, you can serve yourself with fresh lemonade to quench the thirst if you're that thirsty. We dined around 7 pm just two hours before the restaurant will close by 9 pm.

Experience Africa at Cebu Safari and Adventure Park.


Experience Africa at Cebu Safari and Adventure Park.

"Welcome to the Wild" is what the Cebu Safari and Adventure Park say on their guest map guide. And yes, it is very true! Let's find out why? At first, the idea of watching animals at the zoo is the most likely thought you'll ever think of. Am I right? That's what entices me to open up this particular recreational area for my family to visit one day. On a very special occasion, our son's birthday, we decided to experience Africa at Cebu Safari and Adventure Park. No plane ticket is required, just an entrance ticket worth Php 900 and your time to spare for the whole day family adventure inside the 17-hectare wild park only here in Cebu. This recommended ticket will let you experience Africa's Safari with the so-called "King of the Jungle", the 3 White Safari Lions, and the rest of the exotic animals from all over the world. For a few minutes with these amazing and mighty creatures, you'll be in the moment of awe of how our God Almighty created them in the first place. They are really beautiful and strong creatures indeed. Now if you have some extra, you may upgrade your tickets to Php 1350 to enjoy adventure park' rides, and be sure to be there early (8:00 am opening) for you to avail the adventure ride package. If you're out of time, you can avail of their accommodation if budget is not an issue. You can check the accommodation rates directly on their official website or you may visit AGODA.COM for the best rates. 

High-Performance SSD - Samsung V-NAND 860 EVO 1 TB SATA M.2.


Samsung V-NAND SSD 860 EVO SATA M.2 1TB
High-Performance SSD - Samsung 1TB V-NAND 860 EVO 1 TB SATA M.2.
When is the best time to upgrade your Hard Drive? Typically, within two years usage of your laptop sounds economical but when there's a need and budget well you can do it anytime. Here, my laptop Dell Inspiron 7460 deserves to upgrade its hard drive due to work's requirements. From Sandisk SSD M.2 2280 128 GB to Samsung V-NAND SSD 860 EVO SATA M.2 1TB. Why SSD? SSD stands for Solid State Drive and it's much better compared to the traditional mechanical hard drive in terms of power requirements and speed of accessing data. SSDs require low power operation thus prolonging battery life in laptops and tablets, and data access is much faster due to memory chips used instead of moving parts. Another is SSDs are shock-resistant that's why chances of lost data are reduced when laptops or tablets are dropped.