Lambug White Beach in Badian on Sembreak.

Going to the beach on Summer is everyone's destination to look for but hey we do it on Sembreak. Why? If you're that kind of being that's not a fan of many people around, then this is the best time to saunter that shoreline without many distractions on your sight. My family loves to go to the beach around this time of the year where the beach is not that too crowded. Our kids had this one week no class opportunity on sembreak. So we spent two days and one night at one of the white beaches in the South of Cebu. Lambug White Beach in Badian is one of the white beaches that you and your family will enjoy. 

Let's Roar on Halloween at MIMG.

Halloween Party is for everyone of all ages but mostly enjoyed by children. This year our kids are looking forward to the Animal Kingdom Party at Mactan Island Memorial Garden on Oct 31, 2019. Registration Fee is Php 300 inclusive with 1 Jollibee Meal and 1 Lotte bag per child. The party includes the appearance and participation of Mascot selected by the organizer, custome contest with prizes, parade inside the venue, and games. 

The Love of Barbecue at Mactan Alfresco.

On Sunday nights, we opt to dine out. Eating Barbecue of pork, chicken, and fish is the usual last minute option to escape the fast food restaurants. This time we ate barbecue at one of the food houses at Mactan Alfresco in Newtown Blvd, Lapu-Lapu City. We've been here many times usually after going to church. There are many food houses inside Mactan Alfresco like one preparing grilled foods, lechon, seafoods, coffee drinks, and beverages like milk teas. Within the area, there are Tamaraw jeepneys stationed on a prime spot with tables and chairs inside used for dining aside from the provision. 

Coaching our Kids on Sumobot Competitions.

When your son or daughter joins a competition, how do you feel as parents? This question suddenly popped out at the back of my mind. Ugh, well. Me as a mom, I felt nervous with mixed of feeling of excitement and fatigue. Same feelings with my hubby Terence as their Papa on one of our conversations. Just imagine, a month ago we went to Manila for the Philippine Robotics Olympiad 2019 then another Robotics Competition by DepEd LapuLapu Division in preparation of the incoming WRG 2020 (World Robot Games) last October 19 and Philippine Science Entrance Exam faithfully coincided with that schedule.

Forum Cafe, a Budget-Friendly Cafe!

If you want to write or work on something, a Cafe or Coffee Shop is a good place to settle down. While waiting our son, I spotted this tiny place named Forum Cafe few steps across the Southwestern University in Cebu City. It's around 9:30 am and this cafe opens around that time. I'm using Google Map to find other cafes nearby and this is open earlier compared to the others. The lady staff greeted me and took my order. 

Red Velvet Cake, Yah or Nay?

Red Velvet Cake.

When it comes to family occasion, I'm the one who picks the cake normally. Whether it's my birthday or not, my hubby always asked me "Ikaw pili hon?" Sometimes, I feel awkward but I have to get used to it. This time, I'm not the only one who choose for my birthday cake. I got four allies at my back to push or negate my choice. So happy that they will help me in this little thing because "choosing"is very hard for me. I can't choose at that instant. It's better that I don't have anything than regret of having one that I don't find it's value after all. So among the cakes inside that clear glass, I'm thinking which of which but the Red one got my attention. Looks attractive, yummy and has full size just enough for the six cake eaters. 

A week in Manila, Philippines.

Going to somewhere sounds fun, right? This September we've been to Manila. It's our first time to travel in Manila with the whole family and coach friends. Few weeks ago, our son's team MES Robotics of Marigondon Elementary School won the Lapu Lapu City Robotics Cup 2019 held at Hoopesdome, Lapu Lapu City. So they became the national qualifiers for the 18th Philippine Robotics Olympiad at SM North Edsa last September 2-6, 2019. Being Top 3 among the 90 plus robotics teams from all over the country during Elimination Round was their great milestone in joining the robotics competition this year. Before going home, here's our short visit of the popular tourist spots in Manila. 

Wheat Bread? Try Maison ICHIPAN.

Wheat Bread - Maison ICHIPAN.

It's Friday morning and most likely I'm running out of snacks for kids at school. So after sending them to school we went directly to the nearest grocery store opened in our area, Shangs Town Center. While walking around the shelves that soft colored green plastic in the bread section caught my attention. Oh, that's new bread in town I guess!

Summer 2019 | Camotes Island

Justmom Travels 2019 I Camotes Island - Tulang Diot Island.

Speaking of summer vacation, everyone is excited! This summer my family and I went to Camotes Island, one of the budget-friendly destinations in the Philippines from Cebu mainland. Since we're located in Lapu-Lapu City, going to Danao Port was not that far to travel it only took us less than 2 hours including the normal traffic along the way to reach the port. We hit the road from home going to Danao Port around 10:00 am and arrived around 11:30 am. Just in time for the Jomalia Roro Express to depart around 12:00 nn. Below is the shipping schedule Danao - Camotes Island Route. The ship will dock at Consuelo Wharf in Brgy. Consuelo.