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Pescetarian Lunch Meal - Sautééd Squid with Pechay

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Squid Recipe - Sautééd Squid with Pechay.
One day, I've been to a wet private market to buy some sea foods. Right there, I found medium to large size squids for sale so I bought a half kilo of it. Oh how I love to eat sea foods! How about you? Squid (Pusit) is one of those yummy nutritious sea foods that I've always look for every time I go to Palengke (public market).  Here's a Pescetarian Diet idea that I love to share - Sauteed Squid with Pechay. This Pusit Recipe that I've made is a very easy to cook and yet very healthy for you. All you need is squid, spices (onion,garlic,tomato), pechay veggie, a spoonful of tomato sauce and coconut oil for sautéing. I prefer to use coconut oil because it's the healthiest among the existing oils. I've shared an article on JustMom Pinay FB  about coconut oil. Good to know it's a common oil here in our country so you don't have to spend too much just for cooking oil but has great impact to your entire health. I brought one of this meal during lunch time for my eldest daughter at school. I wrapped the dish with aluminum foil for the soup to be kept intact inside the food container. So that's it a must try Pescetarian Lunch Meal idea. Enjoy cooking!


Here's how to cook squid - Sauteed Squid with Pechay.
1. Prepare the Ingredients.

2. Slice the squid, spices, & pechay.

3. Sautée (Gisa) the spices. 

4. Pour 1 /2 cup water then add pechay stalks.

5. Next is add the pechay leaves.

6. Lastly, add tomato sauce, salt & pepper. 

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