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Are you looking for Modern Asian Cuisine in Mactan Island, Cebu? If you do, you can taste them at Azure Beach Club in Crimson Resort & Spa. Modern Asian Cuisine is a characteristic style of cooking by diverse Asian cultures that includes a food range of appetizers, soup, salad, wood oven pizza, burgers, pasta or noodles, tandoori, stew, seafood, and meat selections. These foods are perfect for dining in front of the beach with people you loved and family on special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, and thanksgiving. Read more...

Dining at Lily's Restobar, Papa Kit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon.
Year-End Dining @ Lily's Restobar, Papa Kit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon.

When it comes to small gatherings like for family and close friends, restaurants and resto-bars are the quickest places to think of other than your homes. This year my family and I were going to taste the Filipino cuisine of Lily's Restobar in Papa Kit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon at Silot Bay, Liloan Cebu. Read more...

The Love of Barbecue at Mactan Alfresco.

On Sunday nights, we opt to dine out. Eating Barbecue of pork, chicken, and fish is the usual last minute option to escape the fast food restaurants. This time we ate barbecue at one of the food houses at Mactan Alfresco in Newtown Blvd, Lapu-Lapu City. We've been here many times usually after going to church. There are many food houses inside Mactan Alfresco like one preparing grilled foods, lechon, seafoods, coffee drinks, and beverages like milk teas. Within the area, there are Tamaraw jeepneys stationed on a prime spot with tables and chairs inside used for dining aside from the provision. Read more...

Red Velvet Cake.

When it comes to family occasion, I'm the one who picks the cake normally. Whether it's my birthday or not, my hubby always asked me "Ikaw pili hon?" Sometimes, I feel awkward but I have to get used to it. This time, I'm not the only one who choose for my birthday cake. I got four allies at my back to push or negate my choice. So happy that they will help me in this little thing because "choosing"is very hard for me. I can't choose at that instant. It's better that I don't have anything than regret of having one that I don't find it's value after all. So among the cakes inside that clear glass, I'm thinking which of which but the Red one got my attention. Looks attractive, yummy and has full size just enough for the six cake eaters. Read more...

Dining out on weekend marks the week unforgettable.
No matter where is it, no matter what's on the table
As long as we're together and having fun! - Terchel  Read more.

Meet Hikay.
Eating meals outside the coziness of one's home is one of the favorite past time family bondings. So this month, we found ourselves being served at Hikay Restaurant located at SM Cebu. At first, we didn't know the existence of this Filipino Native Restaurant at the 3rd Floor Level but when we received few coupons of Green Mango Salad offered by this restaurant after buying Moana movie tickets. Read more...

Feeling Hot! Indulge yourself with Kuya J's Halo-Halo.
Everybody craves for a snow cold dessert on hot days. Summer is not yet over and temp is rising way too high on mid day. My kids at home go to fridge most of the time to get some ice cubes instead of water. I can feel it, you can feel it how hot these days. Looks like they're going to get inside the fridge just to be relieved from hotness. LOL! While looking at them, I was thinking the cold and yummy Halo-Halo dessert from Kuya J Restaurant. Read more...