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Camiguin Island,

Camiguin Summer Run

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Oh, how I love to run! Running makes free me from stress, happy and feeling full after. My week is not complete without running even once. Though how hectic my schedule over the entire week, I tried to allocate 30 minutes to an hour to run. During school days, I run @ MIMG after or before sending my bunch of kids to school. To break the normal route, sometimes I run around the entire block following the road that surrounds our place. One complete turn is more or less 5 kilometers so running it twice makes a 10K run according to Runkeeper (running app). Since this week, we're out of town and we're here in this beautiful Island Born of Fire, Camiguin Island. It's our 4th day after Mantigue Island visitation. So I run with my hubby the Camiguin neighborhood while the kids were still sleeping. It's quite exciting because the path was new! We started to run at the Aranas Street Mambajao going to Mount Hibok-Hibok Observatory and then going back to Aranas Street Mambajao. Honestly, it's an uphill run and quite exhausting compared to my ordinary run along flat roads. One thing, many dogs along the road.....that's my major fear while running! I'm kinda dog phobic mom. =) So I immediately took stones, one stone at the left and other stone at the right. So funny to think but it's my first line of defense when dog attacks aside from running away so quick. There were few dogs really attempted to attack us. Ruining our run....hehehe. Thanks to stones! The path going to Mount Hibok-Hibok Observatory is well paved and has many curvatures as we approached the place. I really like the natural greenery scenes I've seen along the road, the big old trees, Lanzones trees, tweets of birds, the overlooking White Island, and most of all the road is full of shades due to big foliage of trees along the road. I found Villa Paraiso Resort Apartelle along the road so travelers who would like to stay and run uphill around Camiguin Island. I think that's a suitable place to stay. So running at almost 7 o' clock in the morning is still a good time to run without getting sunburn. Ye-hey! That's all I've remembered because my phone was dead and forgot to charge the night before the run. Taking photos or videos was not possible. That's running without a gadget. Totally free! Anyways, thanks to Google Earth that I've seen and drawn the path. We run-jog-walk more or less 10 kilometers today by going back and forth the path. Happy & Thirsty! =) Tubig pa more...

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