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School Activities

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Cebu Summer Camp 2016
Here comes summer season, Summer 2016. The heat is on for about 33 degrees Celsius as I checked for today's weather temperature. Kids are irritable when it's hot and  idle so indulge them to summer camp. Two weeks gone since the last day of school,  I realized that my 2 boy kids are in idle state while the two girls are busy for their summer classes. So at this point, I happened to browse the net and check milo clinic for summer 2016. Read more...
What makes us beautiful? Simply, being Just Mom!
Recognition Day 2016

Every woman either mom or not is beautiful! To sports, FIT woman is the new sexy and beautiful. To fashion shows, skinny model is beautiful but now the trend shifts to plus size woman. That's good news! To corporate world, career oriented woman is the busy pretty mom. Just to name few how people perceive beauty. But when a woman becomes a mom no matter what walks of life she has, she said to the world that "I am beautiful because I am a mom". Read more...

Enjoying the reward! Youtube time... =)
"Ma, ambi ang celfone o tablet kay mag magtan-aw ko" (Mom please give me the cellphone or tablet. I want to play and watch".) My youngest keeps yelling that phrase every time we arrive home from school. She go home first among other siblings from school. I give that stuff with time limit after doing her little home task (put her shoes to the shoe rack, change her school uniform to casual, etc.Read more...

The Grade 2 - Mahogany Pilot Class of Marigondon Elementary School presented Diorama Project Demonstration last Friday at their respective classroom. The classroom activity was initiated by their all out supportive class adviser, Mrs. Shela Duavis. The class was divided into 7 groups matching their current 7 subjects and additional 1 subject the Science for Grade 2. The projects were of course aided by their parents to come up different Dioramas with respective subject lessons from 1st to 4th grading. Read more...