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What's in Olango Island before COVID-19 Pandemic?

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Olango Island I Justmom Travels 2020 

What's in Olango Island before COVID-19 Pandemic?

Speaking of Olango Island, what comes to your mind first and foremost? A bunch of questions, right? Is there a white beach there? How to get there? Where to stay? What will be the tourist spots in the area? Questions like that will guide and motivate you on how to be there actually. For a solo or duo trip, going somewhere you wish to visit is I think probably the easiest way to travel. But for a family, it really needs planning ahead. A good thing to know, google is reachable for everyone as long as you're online. You can search right away, read reviews from influencers, watch relevant media, check flights, and search hotel/beach resort accommodations nearest to the island or place that you're going to visit.

White beachfront in Olango Island, Cebu.
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Here's the thing. According to Wikipedia, Olango Island is a group of islands found in the Central Visayas region of the Philippines and is a part of Cebu Province. The Olango Island Group comprises Olango island and 6 satellite islets namely: Sulpa, Gilutongan, Nalusuan, Caohagan, Pangan-an, and Camungi. It belongs to Lapu-Lapu City under the Municipality of Cordova. When you look at the island on the Google Map, it's the island w/ surrounding islets in between the big island of Mactan and Bohol. So that's it.

Bamboo Boardwalk at Olango Island,Cebu
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Olango Island is popularly known for its wildlife sanctuary, the 920-hectare Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary, and three Dive Sites: Mabini Point in the Northern tip of the island well known for hammerhead and whale sharks, Baring along the North-Western side with Grey reef sharkstunabarracuda, snappers and jacks can be found around the area, and further south is Santa Rosa. The dive starts with a sandy bottom covered in soft corals, leading to a drop-off at 15m, descending to 50m. There is a good variety of reef fish in the shallows here, while further down are fusilierscatfishjackssnappers, and sweetlips, among others.
Olango Island I Justmom Travels 2020 - Olango Wildlife Sanctuary Boardwalk
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Summertime is the best time to go to Olango Island. So we picked February this year to visit the island of Olango. Actually, it was on "Heart Month" when it comes to the most celebrated events of the year. It was a month before the ECQ and lockdown in most areas of the Philippines got started due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I remembered the last day we fetched our kids from school after their periodical exam on that month. Since then until this month of November, our kids and so with the rest of the students or pupils in our country are not yet allowed to go to school or even visit public places. So sad but it's real. I hope everyone is safe and healthy up to this moment.

How to go to Olango Island?

Going to Olango Island is very easy if you're already in Cebu. From the Mactan International Airport, you just take a taxi or ride a jeepney plying the Punta Engaño route going to port beside Hilton Hotel which is now known as Movenpick Resort. The other way is to go to Angasil Port found near Mactan Newtown Beach (previously known as Portofino resort) in the Mactan Newtown area. You may use the Waze app or Google for the directions. These are the two routes going to and from Olango Island. Make sure to prepare your fares and terminal fees in CASH because credit or debit cards can't be used to pay at this time. There are many ATM machines in the Mactan Newtown area and in the Arrival Area of Mactan International Airport.

Olango Island I Justmom Travels 2020 - going to Angasil Port.
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Olango Island I Justmom Travels 2020 - from Mactan Port beside Movenpick Resort
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Trans-Olango Fare Rates

Where to stay on Olango Island?

Since Olango Island is a popular tourist destination in Cebu, there are many beach resorts or hotels of your choice to book. But to us, we go directly to booking sites available like AGODA.COM, BOOKING.COM, etc. Down below you can search directly the partnered beach resorts and hotels in Olango Island, Cebu. One advantage of booking your trip online on any of the booking sites is that you can find the best deals and discounts offered by their partnered merchants. So during our visit to Olango Island, we booked Casa Blanca by the Sea for our accommodation. Check my review about this beach resort, Justmom Beach Resort Review | Casa Blanca by the Sea

Casa Blanca By the Sea

Visit Casa Blanca by the Sea for room rates & discounts.

Sagastrand Beach Resort

Visit Sagastrand Beach Resort for room rates & discounts.

Triponia’s Seaside Homestay - Agatha

Visit Triponia's Seaside Homestay - Agatha for room rates & discounts.

Nalusuan Island Resort and Marine Sanctuary

Visit Nalusuan Island Resort and Marine Sanctuary for room rates & discounts.

Things to Do on Olango Island

The popular things to do on Olango Island are beach swimming, diving to any if not all of the popular diving sites (Mabini Point, Baring, and Santa Rosa), visiting the  Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary where you can watch some of the different species of birds and 48 of which are migratory birds out of the 97 species, and eating at floating seafood restaurants.

Olango Island I Justmom Travels 2020 - Olango Wildlife Santuary

Olango Island I Justmom Travels 2020  - Floating Restaurants
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