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Scuba Diving - Fun Under The Sea.

7:00:00 AM Meschel 0 Comments

Scuba Diving - Fun Under The Sea.
Last semester break, we brought our kids at Pado Resort to have swimming fun. Sembreak Fun at #PadoResort. There I met one pretty pinay mom Mona (resort staff) whom her daughter happened to be my daughter's schoolmate of same grade level. Few weeks ago, she invited us to have fun in Scuba Diving at Pado Dive Center. Since it's summertime now, we let this fun to be happened this day to counter fight the last week's busyness due to final exams & Recognition Day of our kids. Huh! And now, how I love the sea breeze touching my skin and see the vast ocean full of happy people doing any kind of fun at the sea - swimming, banana boat riding, parasailing, scuba diving, jet skiing, etc. So let's us peep what's under the sea. 

After scuba diving, I took photos while thinking the unforgettable scenes under the sea just while ago. The fishes, corals, sunken cross, sunken jet ski (I've never reached that stuff), etc. On my next article, I'm gonna tell you about scuba diving team briefing or crew briefing, Diving Signals or the so called Padi Hand Signals as one the main topics on Education Dive, and how to deal with Decompression Sickness symptoms which I'd encountered while diving. Anyway, may I extend my sincere thanks to divemaster Kuya Lawrence who assisted me, to other diver for my hubby, underwater diver photographers, and to the rest of diver staffs. THANK YOU! It's such a nice Scuba Diving Experience! =) We're looking forward to paragliding or popularly known as Parasailing. I took one photo shoot down below what parasailing looks like, gliding through the air wearing parachute while being dragged by a motor boat. 

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