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Graduation Ceremony,

What makes us beautiful? Simply, being Just Mom!

12:16:00 PM Meschel 0 Comments

Every woman either mom or not is beautiful! To sports, FIT woman is the new sexy and beautiful. To fashion shows, skinny model is beautiful but now the trend shifts to plus size woman. That's good news! To corporate world, career oriented woman is the busy pretty mom. Just to name few how people perceive beauty. But when a woman becomes a mom no matter what walks of life she has, she said to the world that "I am beautiful because I am a mom". All that she wants is a happy life for her family. Having a happy family defines beautiful life. Happy doesn't mean without sorrow and sacrifice. That's life package and nobody can't deny it. Overcoming those odds and bitterness can really feel the real happiness. Yesterday, it's a Graduation Ceremony and Recognition Day for most Elementary Schools. Parent moms having young sons and/or daughters went to schools to witness the achievements of their children. That's one of the days to be beautiful inside and out. Moms advocate beauty in all possible ways. That is what makes us beautiful each and every day!

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