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Antioxidant Dietary Supplement - Glutathione | MET Tathione

6:16:00 AM Meschel 0 Comments

Antioxidant Dietary Supplement - Glutathione | MET Tathione

Recently, I bought a glutathione dietary supplement from MET Tathione. This essential bundle contains 1 bottle of MET Tathione capsules and 2 pieces of washable silk face masks.

MET Tathione

Each capsule contains reduced glutathione, Algarium (a patented ingredient), Vitamin E, Olive Oil, Fish Gelatin, and other ingredients. The combinations of these ingredients help reduce free radicals and boost the production of glutathione and other antioxidants in the body. 

When using this product, avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. So you better wear sunscreen or sunblock when you go outside aside from wearing a hat or using an umbrella. As a dietary supplement, you may take two capsules daily after a meal. Be sure to seek medical advice before taking up this dietary supplement. This product has no approved therapeutic claims.

I got this daily dietary supplemental bundle from Watsons. This is available in all leading pharmacies nationwide. You can buy a sachet with 2 capsules for less than Php 100 and 1 bottle for around Php2,700.

Mask Usage 

Wash mask before use. Not an N95 Substitute. Not a medical-grade mask. Not for hospital use. Observe proper hygiene and social distancing even when wearing this mask.