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Lambug White Beach in Badian on Sembreak.

12:49:00 AM Meschel 1 Comments

Going to the beach in Summer is everyone's destination to look for but hey we do it on Sembreak. Why? If you're that kind of being that's not a fan of many people around, then this is the best time to saunter that shoreline without many distractions on your sight. My family loves to go to the beach around this time of the year where the beach is not that too crowded. Our kids had this one week no class opportunity on sembreak. So we spent two days and one night at one of the white beaches in the South of Cebu. Lambug White Beach in Badian is one of the white beaches that you and your family will enjoy. Badian has so much to offer aside from swimming on the white beach, canyoneering in Kawasan Falls and ziplining are among of them to try. So here's our family travel experience at Lambug White Beach in Badian, Cebu.

How To Get There? 

From our place in Lapu-Lapu City, it's a 3-hour drive of about 120 kilometers excluding traffic and stopovers along the way. Otherwise, cutting trips are also applicable. From Tamiya Terminal through jeep to South Bus Terminal then by bus to Badian. Updated bus fares are listed on the prime spot inside the area or you can ask the bus ticketing staff for sure. 
Going to the beach area is not that easy as what you think about most beaches. It's tricky and not easy to navigate. Be sure to have the Waze app installed on your phone or printed map while on the go. 

Where To Stay?

Searching online for accommodation in Lambug White Beach is the practical way to do other than referrals. AGODA.COM and Facebook might give you the relevant results of your search and the best deals being offered by the time you're searching. Here I'm citing the beach resort where we stayed and other resorts we've seen nearby the beach area during our morning stroll along the beach line. 
At SUDIVERS Dive Club & Beach Resort.


The following are Beach Resorts in Badian, Cebu:
Visit Cuestas Beach Resort for room rates & discounts.

Visit Badian Cebu JDN Lambug Beachfront Huts Fan Room for room rates & discounts.

Visit Banamboo for room rates & discounts.

Where To Withdraw Money?

When planning a trip of whatsoever please bear in mind where to withdraw money when you're out of cash in the middle. There's only one ATM Machine in the area of Lambug White Beach and can be found near in 7/11 Store in Badian marketplace. 

PNB ATM Machine inside.

Family Travel Tips Going to Badian, Cebu:

  • ➤ Start early in the morning when travelling to beat the traffic jam ahead. We started going around 6:00 am on Tuesday. Then going back to the city around 5:00 pm on Wednesday.
  • ➤ For 2 Days and 1 Night in the beach, make sure to have at least 3 pairs of swim wear for the kids. Don't forget to bring swimming googles because it's very rare to find one in that place and if there's any surely price is much higher compare to the mall price in the city.
  • ➤ Bring printed map before going to the beach or have a screen shot of the map on your phone. Mobile signal is intermittent on some areas.
  • ➤ Bring neck pillows for kids to sleep on while on the go and reusable plastics for trash keeping.
  • ➤ Bring enough drinking water and healthy snacks.
  • ➤ Don't forget to reload your prepaid mobile internet though WIFI is available on some beach resorts.


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