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Travel The World Scenery at North of Cebu.

9:39:00 AM Meschel 0 Comments

When you're in Danao City, don't ever pass unless you're in a hurry this Travel The World Scenery at Sands Gateway Mall beside Danao Seaport along the Danao-Cebu National Road. There you can find the miniature structures of Big Ben, The Windmill, The Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, and  Leaning Tower of Pisa. These are well-spaced built facing the Camotes Island Sea. These miniature attractions from around the world might inspire the young ones or adults why they exist and visit their actual locations if necessary. Besides, you will be amazed by this sea-view park while eating your favorite seafood cuisines at the mall or just having some snacks from Jollibee/McDonald Drive Thru  while sitting down on one of the nearby benches and enjoy the sea breeze and of course the sea-view. You can enjoy as well the popular grilled fishes called as "tinap-anan / tapahan" sold along with the road's food stalls. In you really want to visit the famous tourist spots in the place, you can have the Safari Tour at Cebu Safari and Adventure Park for wild attractions and the famous White Lion Safari, spring resorts, falls, and even old churches in the area. For accommodations of nearby hotels or resorts in Danao City, you may visit AGODA.COM for the best rates on your booking schedules. 

On one fine Sunday, we visited the place and enjoyed these little million things around us. You and your family can do the same or even more on your visit around this tourist attracted place in the North of Cebu. Enjoy and stay safe always!

St. Augustine Church
Danao City "Tapahan" Food Stalls