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Product Reviews

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Dell Laptop INSPIRON 5410 I5-11300H 

Since pandemic is still around the corner, going to online classes is becoming normal to kids anywhere. For this school year 2021-2022, we prefer online classes for our kids than the modular print setup available at the school. Online classes require a computer desktop or laptop and a stable internet connection as the medium of communication between teachers and students/pupils. You can choose any brand of desktops or laptops as long as it will suffice the hardware requirements needed of the current software applications today. Another thing to consider, you choose the computers with immediate technical support that's why we choose DELL Computers/Laptops for our work and school needs. Read more >>.

| Amazon Product Review | 

The bag is everyone's essential stuff, especially for women. Most of us can't leave home without bringing a bag. We always carry a different kind of bag for working, schooling, shopping, traveling, or even dating. As a mom, I always look for a bag that is a multi-purpose bag but chic and classy. I can use it both for work and travel with kids around me. Lately, I found this vintage classic genuine leather shoulder bag from Kattee on the Amazon store. Read more >>.

Antioxidant Dietary Supplement - Glutathione | MET Tathione
Recently, I bought a glutathione dietary supplement from MET Tathione. This essential bundle contains 1 bottle of MET Tathione capsules and 2 pieces of washable silk face masks.
MET Tathione
Each capsule contains reduced glutathione, Algarium (a patented ingredient), Vitamin E, Olive Oil, Fish Gelatin, and other ingredients. The combinations of these ingredients help reduce free radicals and boost the production of glutathione and other antioxidants in the body. Read more >>.
An early stage of motherhood, you have still enough time to take care of your precious crown in your head and that's your hair. You can blow dry them on to low heat setting after the shower and put some leave on conditioner or moisturizing oil  by massaging from roots to tips of the hair. Read more >>
Maybelline NO TOUCHUP Powder Foundation - White Superfresh
Last week, my youngest dug into my hanged sling bag then suddenly dropped my Maybelline Powder Foundation. Top cover with mirror was detached from the base, the powder inside was pulverized and mixed into the floor dust. So it's hard to recover and not hygienic to use the powder foundation into my face. Read more >>

What is the best shampoo and conditioner? This question always present in my mind every time I'm going to buy a shampoo and conditioner for my family.  I'm a kind of mom who will not settle for any product in the market especially if I can't see a relevant result. Not a particular with the brand names of the product, more concern on the ingredients or chemical substances that the product has. To filter and save time of choosing, keywords like Organic and Natural are the key terms to look for and then reading the ingredients follows. This week I bought shampoo and conditioner from Naturals by Watsons, Olive Shampoo and Conditioner. Read more >>

Dove Pink Beauty Bar.

Last night, I went to Shangs Island Town Center to buy skin care products for me and family. I usually buy Dove products because it's proven gentle to our skin leaving without drying and irritation after using. This time the Dove Pink Beauty Bar comes in a promotional box with free Gentle Cleansing Cloth. 

On my recent visit at Savemore Supermarket, I found this facial whitening cream Olay Natural White to be inside the shopping basket. After few minutes of reading the ingredients and benefits of this cream, I think I am convinced to buy this one. Honestly , I don't settle on one product over a long period of usage. I constantly try new beauty products in the market to see which one fits to my skin type. I am an Asian mom a Filipina to be exact. Due to our geographic location, we are much exposed to the sun's harmful UV rays compared to the women in countries of south and northern part of the world. Sunlight speeds up the aging process of the human skin so we need to take care and nurture our skin by applying sunscreen, moisturizing lotion, and facial cream to somewhat protect our skin aside from eating healthy foods to nourish and renew the skin cells. Read more >>