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9 New Normal Ways to Celebrate Christmas in 2020 I Justmom
9 New Normal Ways to Celebrate Christmas


Christmas is the most joyful season of the year. Everyone is looking forward to it celebrating with family and loved ones but because of the Covid-19 pandemic, everything has changed. Our way of life is never the same again. This year 2020, let's celebrate Christmas in a more meaningful way rather than the materials and fun which most people are used to be. It is all about celebrating Jesus Christ and the gift of life He has bestowed on us through our family, friends, and faith. And while if there are still festivities of fancy Christmas, it’s important that we always remember what this special day is all about. Read more...

Papa, our real Super Hero

Call him Papa, Daddy or whatever your mom taught but for sure you shout loud as much as you can when you needed him when you're such a tiny tot back to the old days. Recall the days when you're started to learn to swim on weekends, ride a bicycle for the first time, pick you up at the school when your mom is out of the blue, open your mind to code and help you on first computer program, introduce you on how to strum the guitar strings or press the piano's keyboards, teach you sports like basketball, baseball, and the like. Then now, only one press of the button you reach your Dad instantly when everything turns to joy or grey. Read more...

Make Each Day as Mother's Day

Is it now the second Sunday of May? The Mother's Day! I think so because my only sister greeted me in the very early morning today. Thanks to you and hubby for the warmth morning kiss and greetings! Now, I ask my self why can't we make each day as Mother's Day? Few years back as I joggled my memory, I didn't hear anyday of the year as such Mother's Day celebration or am I  such a busy gal who didn't care about any kind of celebration. I have kids now but I don't think my kids right now are into this so called Mother's Day celebration just like me I was before I guess. Read more...

Got Ink On @ White Island Camiguin
Around 7 am, we landed at the so called White Island in Camiguin. Since I'm not in the mood to throw thyself to the crystal clear sea water around the island as we got there, so I let the local tattoo artist painted my muffler scar. Having a real tattoo is cool. Afraid of skin piercing? Henna tattoo is the best alternative to have a tattoo without pain. So I got one henna tattoo at White Island featuring my online portal www.justmom.xyz as my tattoo idea. Read more...

Scuba Diving - Fun Under The Sea.
Last semester break, we brought our kids at Pado Resort to have swimming fun. Sembreak Fun at #PadoResort. There I met one pretty pinay mom Mona (resort staff) whom her daughter happened to be my daughter's schoolmate of same grade level. Few weeks ago, she invited us to have fun in Scuba Diving at Pado Dive Center. Since it's summertime now, we let this fun to be happened this day to counter fight the last week's busyness due to final exams & Recognition Day of our kids. Huh! Read more... 

Spa Day - Massage at Thai Boran
Ouch! I woke up this morning with my whole body feeling tired, it feels like I'd been to a warrior fight that I never been into before.
Emelie and I went to Thai Boran to have a day spa. A night out before she set off to Dubai for summer stay. As we arrived at Thai Boran Spa Salon, I asked the receptionest what's the most  requested spa packages or service they can offer to us and she said it's Thai Swedish Massage for an 1 hr. Read more...