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Final Exam,

Are you ready? Final Exams are coming soon.

9:22:00 PM Meschel 0 Comments

1,2,3....Get set go! Full Screen Mode =)
Enjoying the reward! Youtube time... =)

"Ma, ambi ang celfone o tablet kay mag magtan-aw ko" (Mom please give me the cellphone or tablet. I want to play and watch".) My youngest keeps yelling that phrase every time we arrive home from school. She go home first among other siblings from school. I give that stuff with time limit after doing her little home task (put her shoes to the shoe rack, change her school uniform to casual, etc.) For her age, screen time is 30 minutes -1.5 hour just enough time for me to work around and left home to fetch his brothers while dropping lunch to my eldest at school. But this week, I set aside my work and spend time with her reviewing her lessons for the incoming Final Exam scheduled at last days of the week. Me on her while my hubby to her Kuya (older next brother). Time is limited and that's only time we've got to review them. For my eldest and next to her sibling, final exam review is done at school for grown up kids and I think that would be enough. I can feel out there, many parents right now can't keep calm because Final Exams of their kids are just around the corner. Here's my pinay mom advice, just take time with your kids studying if you can and that's the best learning experience you can give to them. Learning is fun and no need to rush!

Feeling serious but not actually ... =)
Tic Tac, learning about time!

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