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Earth Day 2016 - Save Water

7:07:00 PM Meschel 0 Comments

Earth Day 2016 - Save Water

In celebration of Earth Day 2016, one way to help our mother earth is to save water.  We can conserve water in many ways in our homes or even in public/private places. Yesterday, we happened to stop over at SM Cebu Mall from Cebu Doctors University Hospital to had a business meet up. I myself admitted that I can't leave any malls without having a visit to their restroom/comfort room. So here's my restroom experience during Earth Day. While waiting for my turn, the life size mirror inside the female restroom enticed me to take selfie. Not only me but other ladies did as I went out. But before that, I noticed that the faucets at the lavatory are automated and also the toilet flush system. When you  put your hands in front of the faucet, the motion sensor or proximity sensor (depending of what kind of sensors were installed) senses that hands are present so the faucet opens and water flows while your hands are there and automatically stops when you move them away. Same happened to the toilet flush button. Here in Cebu, I think only at SM Cebu and Ayala Center malls are having that water conservation system. Much better if all malls or even public places will install this kind of water conservation system. Washing hands and flushing toilets involve large volume of water everyday. Doing it manually without thinking to close it for a sec or minute  or flushing the toilet many times waste lot of water. So adding technology to our basic hygiene saves water, save lives, and save Mother Earth. Happy Earth Day!


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