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Birhen sa Regla,

Mrs. Lapu Lapu City 2017, I am in!

3:44:00 AM Meschel 0 Comments

In honor of "Virgen De La Regla" (Virgin of Rule), Lapu Lapu City celebrates the annual City Fiesta. One of the highlights of the city's event is the Presentation of Candidates of Prince, Princess, & Mrs. Lapu Lapu City as part of the fund raising activity. This year, I was one of the representatives of Mrs. Lapu Lapu City 2017 to walk down the ramp @ Hoopsdome. With me from Marigondon were two lovely girls Nieshan from Grade 1 & Femmei from Grade 6 and co-mom Arcelie Inso.
Mrs. Lapu Lapu City 2017 Album

During the event, meeting up with other moms like Leigh and Anabel from different towns in the city kept me going through the night. The show was perfect moment to showcase the new gown designs by fashion designers in town as I noticed. So designers you better watch for this event, prepare your designs and let those candidates you like to carry on your new freshly made gown.😉Take this event to showcase your new creations as output of your God's given talent as best offering to Mama Mary aside from soliciting funds. 😁 Besides, I even met my colleague in real estate Leah Regis and mom friend Mona & Melisa who were the instant paparazzis of the night who took us our fam pic. Kisses for you both mommies, you saved the night.😇
Lazada Philippines

Oh, speaking of paparazzis, newbie photographers or even the pro might take advantage the event. You can catch awesome subjects for your photography or your service might be needed for the moment as personal photographer. By the way, I am not on stage without the help of these immediate peeps around me.

Seamstress Rosie, thank you so much for the sweet couture dress. You made it as it was I designed. Super loving it. ❤ Buy Now. And for my hair & make up, Eugene Nguyo took the credit. You early out just to do the favor, thank you pal! 😉To our school principal Mrs. Rebecca Toring and General PTA Mrs. Angela Montayre, my sincere thanks to these super moms of Marigondon Elementary School for giving me this blessing to represent as Canditate of Mrs. Lapu Lapu City 2017. And also to Homeroom PTA presidents, parents, and  teachers who supported me, my heartfelt thanks to everyone. To my hubby Terence and our four kids (Ayla, MT, Rain, & Tinker) who are always there my side whenever whereever I am, salamat kaayo! I love u. 💗

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