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On Mother's Day! ❤❤❤

6:29:00 AM Meschel 0 Comments

Happy Mother's Day! ❤❤❤

It only takes a day to celebrate Mother's Day but honestly only few minutes to do so and a Lifetime Career to carry on. When I was a single, Mother's Day is not so big deal to me. Greet, hug, or sometimes give simple gifts to my Mama. I can't relate the feelings of being a mom way back then. Those moments as far as I can remember, I'm so sure that my mom was very happy for those simple acts of kindness and acknowledgement of her value to us. Now that I'm a mother, all I can say is that is not that "easy" huh! "Dili lalim ang mahimong inahan...for me it's 14 years and counting maybe as being a mother! Wow, Great! I came this far as a mother despite of all the odds that came in between. I didn't quit no matter what. And here I am standing and fighting my own fight of being a mom and wife so help me God! Thank you very much to you Mama, you're my greatest example. For those who can't relate well, just ask any mom around you and hear their stories and then you'll have the answers if you do care about us. This Mother's Day, I'm so blessed that I woke up in the morning with my husband and our four kids around me. First thing's first, my hubby kissed and greeted me first then kids, few friends, and siblings. Before the day ended, calling my Mama to greet "Happy Mother's Day Ma! and told her that I LOVE HER" was the best thing I can do for her on Mother's Day and also to Nanay Estrella.  We can't visit them because of the Enhanced Community Quarantine brought by COVID-19. But then, I think everyone was celebrating Mother's Day in any ways they can to remember and give thanks to their mom. I guess everyone's FB timeline was flooded by posts related to Mother's Day. Again, Happy Mother's Day to all of us out there!"

Oh, Mama! Happy Mother's Day.