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Lenten 2016,

March 23 Night BDO ATM is OFFLINE!

7:54:00 AM Meschel 0 Comments


Just this eve, I went out to the nearest Mall around to buy groceries. Before I entered the grocery store, I went first to one of the ATM machines inside the Mall to get cash for the weekend use. To my surprise, the ATM wasn't able to process my request to withdraw so I moved to other ATM and did the same thing. Again, it wasn't able to process my request and advised me to withdraw on the respective bank where my ATM card belongs to in my case it's BDO. Since no BDO ATM inside Gaisano GrandMall, I decided to do my grocery inside and planned to use my ATM card to pay the goods. I'd waited the line and when it's my turn to pay at the cashier, she asked me how to pay it and I said I'm going to pay using my debit card. She quickly told me that they can't accept debit card for the moment as mode of payment because it's offline. Then, I said to her that just set aside my goods because I'll be back to withdraw cash since I left also my credit card at home for good. I went to the nearest mall Gaisano Saver's Mart since I know one BDO ATM inside but it's also offline. So I went to Tamiya area where the BDO Bank is located. There are two BDO ATMs outside the bank establishment and one BDO ATM inside the SM Hypermarket. All of them were offline. That's a shocking news for me at moment! Why is that so? Few hours ago, there was a FB post from #BDOAdvisory telling the public  that "The Bank's ATM network and online channels are ready to handle transactions and other banking services during the Lenten break.". But that's not the case, it's still March 23 night BDO ATM network is offline. See more #BDOAdvisory here. Feeling exhausted of hopping from one ATM to another, I decided to went home and let my husband continue the purchase. I can feel the moment that I am one of the many out there who were disgusted by their banking service and false advisory. From this experience, please withdraw cash at least two days before Lenten Season starts.

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