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church day,

Sunday with Jollibee, kid's BFF!

9:59:00 AM Meschel 0 Comments


Week is not complete without Sunday, the church day for every Filipinos around and family day too. It's the only day where family members can be together, have fun together and bond each other in any possible ways that bring happiness to one another. For us, honestly speaking not all Sundays of the year that we went out for church and landed us to local restaurants or food chains around the neighborhood but if we did go out for Holy Mass the next itinerary our kids have on their minds even before the mass ended is to go MIMG playground and then headed to Jollibee, our kid's bff (Best Friend Forever). Until now, they seem not to get over to this food lag or let me say food spell cast by this wonderful and enticing mascot, Jollibee. Everytime we want to eat outside, we sometimes don't ask the kids where to eat because Jollibee is their one and only answer for that query. OMG! But this Sunday, we let them chose their best option and so happy ended. While waiting in long line, my kids kept on reminding me what to order I think every minute one kid came and then the other on the next minute and so forth by whispering the Jollibee menu "Ma ako ky burger, ice cream, french fries, spaghetti, etc. etc." =) When you're out of time or just laziness attacks, Jollibee delivery service is right there you can take advantage of.  Later or sooner, kids with the whole family can have instant Jollibee meals inside the comfort of one's home.


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