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Father's Day,

Papa, our real Super Hero.

9:13:00 PM Meschel 0 Comments

Call him Papa, Daddy or whatever your mom taught but for sure you shout loud as much as you can when you needed him when you're such a tiny tot back to the old days. Recall the days when you're started to learn to swim on weekends, ride a bicycle for the first time, pick you up at the school when your mom is out of the blue, open your mind to code and help you on first computer program, introduce you on how to strum the guitar strings or press the piano's keyboards, teach you sports like basketball, baseball, and the like. Then now, only one press of the button you reach your Dad instantly when everything turns to joy or grey. Haven't you? Since our inborn memory stores only limited moments in our lives, we can only recall few sweetest and painful events in our one dimensional timeline of existence here on Earth 1. (Sounds we're into the Flash world where many Earths exist. LOL!) If  X-men have superpowers to save humans in fictional world then us with our own Father as our surreal Super Hero that we can count on in no time. To boost his unbelievable real rescuing power and greatest love to his children,  we can either treat or surprise the Mr. Provider of the House with simple gift ideas this Father's Day 2016. 

Happy Father's Day, Papa!!!

            5 Best Gifts for Father's Day 2016:
1. Rum or Beer perfect for Glass Mugs. 

2. Men's Clothing by SM Store

3. Accessories - Offer him with Modern Watch or others at Zalora Shop
4. Gadgets - If Iphone 6 Series is way too high then go for Iphone 5S  at Justmom
5. Movie Dates - Father and Son ocean adventure in Finding Dory at SM Cinema

6. Travel with him might be the best shot! Book now at Cebu Pacific.

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