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Lunch out at Hikay Restaurant.

12:26:00 AM Meschel 0 Comments

Lazada Philippines

Eating meals outside the coziness of one's home is one of the favorite past time family bondings. So this month, we found ourselves being served at Hikay Restaurant located at SM Cebu. At first, we didn't know the existence of this Filipino Native Restaurant at the 3rd Floor Level but when we received few coupons of Green Mango Salad offered by this restaurant after buying Moana movie tickets. So at the back of my mind I think this place is a new restaurant for us to try to dine inside at the mall area.

As we entered the place, we were the only guests roaming around aside from the restaurant's staffs. Right away, the waitress greeted us while giving their Menu list. As I looked at the list, all I saw were mostly Filipino dishes where Hikay word means Dish in English as probably best describes the name of their restaurant. 

Meanwhile, I asked her what's their delicacy and she replied "Mongoes with Sea Foods" so we ordered 1 serve of that and other Filipino cuisines like Chicken Barbecue, Sisig, Adobong Pusit, Pancit Canton, Calamares (Fried Squid), and Lemonade as our cold beverage. While waiting the food to be served, we took some photos around the place and kids were busy also checking the area. One thing I noticed first was the colorful glasses that you can see right away on their table as part of the centerpiece. Then, warm food was served and we're all busy eating. Thanks a lot Bro for the early Christmas treat. =)


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