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Indoor Mini Plant Decor

3:20:00 AM Meschel 0 Comments

Staying at home on Sunday for kids is the time for them to do whatever they love. Watching movie series like Ninja Go or this trending no conversation movie "Larva". If not,  building their thrones at Minecraft one of the games that l've mostly seen whenever I had the chance to peek what they did on screen. My daughter is on hurry to finish her chore to get the smart phone back. She's moving her world to this Japanese anime craze Aikatsu. I got shocked one time I heard from her singing the theme song well imitated. To break this screen time, simple DIY craft for little fingers to make sounds fun for the siblings to bond

My kids did this Indoor Mini Plant Decor.  Instead of buying the ready made plant decor, we did our own version with fun and saved us hundreds of pesos. Mini plant decor costs around more or less P500 pesos each depending on the arrangement and quantity of materials. Here we used a bunch of plastic plants and bowls 50 pesos each with 2 bunches of flowers on each bowl. So each finished product was only around 200 pesos including the painting materials. Therefore,  any DIY crafts are cost saving alternative and always fun to do for every body. 

Here are the materials needed:
  • Mini Ceramic Bowl
  • Plastic plants or grass of assorted kind
  • Paint brush
  • Poster paint (green or yellow & blue) 
  • Styrofoam
  • Used Paper

  • Make circle shape of Styrofoam just to fit inside the ceramic bowl. 
  • Cut extra stem of the plastic plants to attain the desired height of your plant inside the container. 
  • Dilute the poster paint with water or mix blue & yellow to have some green color to imitate the shade of the grasses. 
  • Paint the circle shape Styrofoam 
  • Dry the painted Styrofoam  for 5 - 10 minutes
  • Insert the cut flowers to the bowl and arrange them to populate the container. 

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